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Temperature and Pressure Control Valves The AMOT combined temperature and pressure control valve is used in applications where both temperature and pressure control are required simultaneously. It combines temperature control, pressure regulating and pressure relief into a single manifold valve,

The Sliding Gate Seat Design Explained by Harry Woebkenberg, Jordan Valve Product Manager. Please go to http://www.jordanvalve.com for more information.The s The cost efficiency of heating systems depends to a great extent on how well the heating medium stays at the right temperature for operation. This can be helped by BW return-temperature control valves, which keep the set return temperature constant. The heating medium is only discharged after it has cooled down to the set closing temperature. TECOFI VG3400 KNIFE GATE VALVE. 1 in stock. Add to Quote Browse Control Valves products.

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The valve is metal/metal seated (Ansi class IV) and utilises the same sliding gate seats found in Jordan’s range of Pressure Regulators (MK50/MK60) and Temperature Control Valves (MK80). 2011-09-15 Jordan Valve engineers are constantly testing and improving our products to ensure optimal high performance in the field. TH SLDNG GAT SAT: Every Jordan regulator, temperature regulator and control valve manufactured in our Cincinnati, Ohio facility is thoroughly tested before shipment. Control Valves are valves used to control conditions such as Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Liquid Level.

Globe & Cage Regulators. Pressure Regulators. Sliding Gate Control Valves. Control Valves. Temperature Regulators. Low Flow Valves. Fractional Flow Valves.

Categories. Products » Low  Boost Pressure Control Valve - Köp Mitsubishi PAJERO (V20) 01.1997-12.1999-bildelar av hög kvalitet till rimliga priser. Vi leverarar över hela världen.

CONTROL VALVE AMOT temperature control valves provide a simple and reliable way to control the temperature of fluids that are vital to the operation of industrial machines and process equipment. They are often used in turbines, compressors, and engine jacket water and lubrication oil cooling systems.

Pressure & Back Pressure Regulators Pneumatic Control Valves Self Operated When accuracy is the primary criteria for valve selection, consider the MK70 Series sliding gate control valve with rangeabilities exceeding 100:1. 2014-10-09 · Mark 80 Self Operated Temperature Regulator by Jordan Valve - Duration: 5:05.

End Connection: Threaded, Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt-Weld. Cv (Kv): up to 30 (up to 26) Seat Material: Jorcote. Control Range: – 20úF (-29°C) to 450°F (232°C) Documentation.
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Jordan temperature control valve

Heraeus Vötsch Temperature chamber VMT 04/240 -40 °C +180 °C Voz3ocxr.

Mark 60 Series Self-Operated Pressure Regulators.
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Reguladores y válvulas de control industrial. Busque el logotipo de Jordan Valve expreso por todo el sitio. Pueden Temperature Regulating Valves.

The Mark 85 Series is a self-operated temperature regulator with a controlled failure option, which allows you to predetermine the position of the valve in the event of thermal system failure. The Mark 85 is designed to fail closed on heating applications and to fail open on cooling applications. The MK85 is ideal for applications with slow temperature changes such as autoclaves and large storage tanks. Jordan Valve is an industrial manufacturer of pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, temperature regulators and control valves.